I kept a running list of ideas that I wanted to include in my rock ‘n roll journey if the opportunity presented itslef. There was not a natural place to mention these important ideas and guiding principles. I mention them here because they’ve essentially become part of my DNA.

Just because something is happening in your head doesn’t mean it is not real.

Dumbeldore speaking to Harry Potter in The Deathly Hallows

Live long and prosper.

Mr. Spock, Star Trek

Be (like) water, my friend.

Bruce Lee

Did you know it’s alright to wonder?

Mr. Rogers

Para todos….todo. (For everyone….everything.)

Subcomandante Marcos, EZLN

Music is the weapon of the future.


Don’t ever lose that little spark of madness, because it keeps you alive.

Robin Williams

Stay gold, Pony Boy, stay gold.

The character, Johnny, in The Outsiders

La vida es proceso. (Life is process.)

Spiritual Healer

Mitakuye Oyasin (We are all related.)

Lakota saying

The best competition I have is against myself to become better.

John Wooden

As soon as a child is born, he or she should be issued a dog and a banjo.

Charlie Brown

My Favorite Ideas for Hashtags

#NSF4Humanity [Never Stop Fighting for Humanity]






I can feel color in the music.

The Universe can speak through the unwritten past.

Epitaph: TYDL I can see clearly, now!

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